At Meera Toukan, we're passionate about infusing the Middle Eastern and Western cultures in hope of giving the world original pieces with the emphasis on modernizing culture. Our founder, Meera Toukan, began her journey in 2014 while studying at university, where she witnessed the impact of social media on fashion. She started a fashion blog called Glit and Glaze, where she showcased fashion designs from around the world that inspired her. This motivated her to start a street-wear brand, printing emojis and slogans onto hoodies, t-shirts, and sweaters.

While working on a university project, Meera had a strong urge to showcase her heritage through modern fashion. The designs circulate around Keffiyeh, the checkered black and white scarf originating from Jordan/Palestine and is mainly worn around the head in Arab Culture.

Meera's vision is to gather inspiration from the Middle Eastern culture and heritage to build a fashion brand empowering local artisans and workshops. At Meera Toukan, we're proud to offer a variety of unique and handmade accessories, including our current season offerings of acrylic clutches handcrafted by craftsmen.

Thank you for choosing Meera Toukan as your go-to destination for modern, culturally-inspired fashion.